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Celebrating 100 Years!

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Everyone in the beverage industry likes to think they put out a great product. The customers that you generate are generally enthusiastic too... See our full premium soda line and decide for yourself!

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Customer Testimonials

  • "Great sodas! I ship some to my friends in Texas and Florida!" - Arthur J. Passeri
  • "Your soda is like a playground for out taste buds! We thoroughly enjoyed all the flavors in the gift box." - The John Grubber Family
  • "Hosmer Mountain Soda delivery is great! Prompt, dependable service and no more lugging those heavy grocery bottles around!" - Tasha Roche
  • "No diet drink aftertaste - flavors are strong - absolutely delicious. Best diet drinks we've tasted. Great variety of flavors." - Ed Litos
  • "Excellent soda. Better flavor than anything at the grocery store." - Paul Kahut
  • "Ya'll are a great asset to our 'Small Town Living' experience. I love that as a customer, I am also treated as a human neighbor and friend." - A. Clark